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Ishiah White

Instagram: @prosperityvb

Q: Tell us about yourself.

I am a home taught baker running and operating Prosperity Kitchen & Pantry in the creative ViBe District of Virginia Beach, VA. We opened almost two year ago. Prior to running this kitchen, I was the head baker at Commune, a local farm to table restaurant. There the focus was farm based food. We made the restaurants breads and pastries but also were responsible for preserving the seasons as best we could with dehydrating herbs and water bath canning pickles, sauces, and jellies.


Q: What differentiates you and your work from others? 

We are very proud of our breads. The selection varies daily but we always have our classic sourdough. Each day we prepare for our slow rise, cold fermented sourdough. Day one involves setting up the bread. Day two is where we process the bread through its various stages, which include nixing, folding, shaping, resting, and final shaping the bread. It then sits overnight to cold ferment- providing additional flavor and health benefits of the slower rise. On day three the bread is baked off. These three phases of our sourdough are happening daily so we can keep up with the demand and have the bread baked off everyday. Bread is a big part of our lives.




ARTWORK:  Cake Tasting Tray



ARTWORK:  Sourdough Bread



ARTWORK:  Wedding Cake



ARTWORK:  Sourdough Croissants