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Life is unpredictable. Just a few years ago I was busy and healthy, on course to realize my potential as a creative. Then I encountered an unprecedented hardship: a very mysterious illness arose in my body. A cascade of debilitating symptoms began, resulting in a fragile life bound to a wheelchair. I lost traction as a triathlete and my career as a creative halted. It felt like my identity was taken away from me while my navigation system went blind. I needed to switch my approach from auto-pilot to manual mode.
The art space is designed to be ever-moving, open, and boundary-less. It caters to the present moment without attachment to outcome. Our aim could be to facilitate the ideals of a perfect show, where masterpieces on white walls are easy to enjoy and purchase. However, our goal is to allow artists to be people who passionately paint, compose and dance every day. Our creatives are free to share and adapt their own evolving process. When our gallery opens its doors on event night, were encouraged to see exchanges that go beyond commerce and instead evolve into art appreciation.
When we are obsessed with the destination, unexpected situations can be discouraging. Art reminds us to focus on the present moment and trust the process. So whether you are an artist, a patron, or a person with chronic illness - don’t be shy. Switch off the auto pilot mode. Let’s celebrate the unpredictability of life’s every moment. 

-Miru Shim