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[ Miru Shim :  Art Director ] 

Miru was born in South Korea and is always on the move as a sculptor and toy designer. Her unparalleled commitment and work ethic brings the ephemeral into reality. As a creative story teller, Miru pushes cultural and perceptual boundaries.
[ Tom Mcardle   Marketing Manger ]
Tom grew up in Boston and is grateful to be back in his beloved hometown after over a decade abroad. He is an entrepreneur at heart and is currently a partner at a management consulting firm. Tom is passionate about art and believes that it should be accessible to everyone.

Dina Brodsky   Curation Advisor ]

Dina is a contemporary curator and painter based in New York and Boston. Painting in miniature affords her with a skill set oriented towards patience, precision and clarity. As a curator, she establishes the space with the same attentive diligence.
[  Youjung Choi  :  Design Lead  ]
Youjung, a designer based in New Jersey from South Korea, whose innovative approach shapes the visual identities of our shows. With her extensive background in graphic and eyewear design, she adeptly turns complex three-dimensional installations into compelling graphic designs. Her distinctive vision and design prowess ensure each exhibition is a visually impactful experience that embodies the gallery's contemporary spirit.

Stefan Vitorovic   Advisory Board Member ]

Stefan was born in the former Yugoslavia (Belgrade), raised in south Florida, and lived in the Bay Area before moving to Boston for graduate school. He’s a molecular biologist turned biotech entrepreneur and financier. He’s passionate about experiencing life as art and art as life.

Sue Pak   Brand Manager ]

Sue, a New York based designer, has a knack for rendering structural designs sophisticated in both balance and harmony. We highly regard the way in which she skillfully engineers every detail into a unified whole.

Rocket    Docent Companion ]

As expert art adviser, Rocket welcomes our visitors with a warm smile and a wagging tail. Have a question? Rocket will not be of much help, but he does not mind chaperoning guests around the gallery. He is praised for his good manners and calm demeanor. He is eager to enrich the art viewing experience for those looking for a kind and supportive friend.