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MiRu Shim

Instagram: @mirushim 

Q: Tell us about yourself.

'm a Korean born, award winning contemporary fine artist, toy designer, and videographer. I was formally trained to draw, paint and sculpt at RISD, Pratt Institute, and the European Honors Program. My work fluctuates from two dimensions to moving images to installation to performance; but the focus is always on the story-telling. I like inviting the audience to interact and become a part of the creative experience.
It’s hard to describe my work in one word. I'm a very curious and mischievous artist, constantly exploring different mediums and techniques. This sets me apart from other artists and designers. For that reason, my works are often described as “whimsical.” I'll use anything and everything out there to create the story I want to portray.

Q: What differentiates you and your work from others? 

I’m very flexible and adaptable. There are times I wish I could say that I’m a master at one medium or technique, but I get bored easily and am scared to settle. It sometimes makes me feel frustrated and uncomfortable to be an alien, but I enjoy being stretched and bent with some stress. The stress of adopting or fitting into new environments sometimes translates into inspiration. Exploring new materials to express myself allows me to overcome my fear of being a stranger. For that reason, a lot of times my content and materials are influenced by what is available. Like making a boat and sailing in Tiber river in Rome out of water bottles and beer crates that tourists left on the street. I’m always up for using anything and everything that’s out there to create the story that I want to portray.


Box Transformers 


Paper Boat


Baguette Slippers

Chair Tansformation