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Dana Jung

Instagram: @danajjung

Q: Tell us about yourself.

I am a freelance illustrator based in Korea. I received my BFA in Illustration at the School of Visual Arts, New York. From an early age, travel was a great inspiration for me, one that has evolved into a creative practice. I have navigated the world with my sketch book: capturing color and gesture, describing real people with relatable experiences, translating the energetic magic of a given scene. I enjoy using graphite pencil for its conventional qualities, then I digitally enhance the drawing to achieve a final polished look. Most of my commercial projects are collaborations with other design studios. They have used my illustrations in publications, editorials, posters, and interior designs. I'm now actively participating in illustration fairs and book festivals (UE, Busan Artbook Fair) for small-scale and Independent publications to show and experiment with her illustrations.


Q: What differentiates you and your work from others? 

I have various Illustration styles but I maintain the same tone and atmosphere throughout my work. My sketchbook catalogues a long history of style experimentation. I work hard to translate the story I'm visually representing by adapting the character of my line work. I also aim to develop intriguing yet comforting color palettes. 
I really enjoy a good challenge. When I'm stuck with an idea, I'll walk around the neighborhood in search of a worthy subject.  Somehow, I always find something interesting to draw and thus alleviates the creative flood gates.