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Instagram: @nunko


Q: Tell us about yourself.

NUNKO means eyes and nose in Korean, the two immediate sensorial parts that we experience flowers. I started the project in 2018 in New York as a creative outlet to engage intimately, emotionally and visually with people.
A flower carries a presence different from that of any other object. Even a single stem changes the atmosphere of an entire room. As humans we intuitively use this strength as a way to express love, joy and grief. Embracing this potent language of flowers, my project, NUNKO develops sensorial creative solutions ranging from classic arrangements, event installations, and still life sets, to symbols of visual identity, graphic design and art direction.


Q: What differentiates you and your work from others? 

NUNKO’s practice is to deviate from conventionally beautiful floral pieces.
Grounded in graphic design, NUNKO was started as an alternate visual communication platform. Therefore, the approach is deeply connected with the process of creating a brand identity. I create a baroque floral work based on the story of the person, space or the event. After the world has been established for the project, NUNKO introduces both appropriate and unconventional flowers to reflect the occasion. When it is suitable, I explore ways to mash up flowers with various mediums to create a fuller and more detailed narrative mood.