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Jim Woodside

Instagram: @jimwoodsideartwork


Q: Tell us about yourself.

For me, art-making based on the landscape is not about the precise analysis or “capturing” of nature. I approach landscape painting as a kind of personal testimony to the drama and power of a particular place. Using oil paint, I try to simplify and distill whatever form I’m looking at, or environment I'm working in, into elements that are clear and interesting to me. In doing so, I try to create a visual experience that is new, essential, and tangible: something necessary (even spiritual).

Working quickly on-site, I strive to maintain a direct and emphatic relationship with the subject matter around me. This also helps me to maintain a feeling of meaningful involvement in the environment where I’m painting. And hopefully, all of this helps give the work a fresh in-the-moment credibility and a sense of authenticity. 

Q: What differentiates you and your work from others? 

Originally from Baltimore, I have been making art and teaching in Massachusetts for the past 36 years. Prior to that, in 1983 I earned my MFA at the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, and in 1980 I participated the Whitney Museum's Independent Study Program in NYC. I have exhibited my artwork in New York City, Arizona, New England, and elsewhere nationally.


ARTWORK:  The Clouds of July  |   Oil Painting

ARTWORK:  Dragoon Monsoon  |   Oil Painting

 ARTWORK:  For the Living  |   Oil Painting

ARTWORK:  Morning Person  |   Oil Painting

ARTWORK:  Summer Spruce  |   Oil Painting

ARTWORK:  (Color) Field Painting  |   Oil Painting

ARTWORK:  Antarctica Works - Pinnacle Icebergs    |   Oil Painting

ARTWORK:  Antarctica Works - Anvers Island  |   Oil Painting