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Artists: Jack. S
Material: Acrylic on wood panel
Size: 11W x 14H

Walking with the aid of a crutch presses circles into the ground with each step. Legs swing in a gentle arch, crutches tap the ground on impact – a cyborgian rhythm is made. If crutches frame each footstep with a pair of points, riding on a wheelchair prints a pair of parallel lines onto the ground. These forms of movement and mark-making played on Jaden S’s mind as she created the paintings on view.

A more aggressive mark-making technique is reflected here, with the artist scraping away at the paint, then hopefully reapplying it in layers. The bright colors reflect the longing energy of a blooming flower or perfect summer day, despite an overarching feeling that something is not sitting right. White paint is then applied to the artwork with a pair of crutches, putting the viewer in a more personal moment inside the artist's studio practice.