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Artists: Jack. S
Material: Acrylic on wood panel
Size: 40W x 30H

Walking with the aid of a crutch presses circles into the ground with each step. Legs swing in a gentle arch, crutches tap the ground on impact – a cyborgian rhythm is made. If crutches frame each footstep with a pair of points, riding on a wheelchair prints a pair of parallel lines onto the ground. These forms of movement and mark-making played on Jaden S’s mind as she created the paintings on view.

The more expressive brushstrokes behind the crutch dots show the artist's trials and attempts for recovery.

There is a lot of layering happening on the canvas. The mixed media components are parallel to caring for a garden. During the shift of seasons, new approaches must be taken to keep it stable. When winter is over, new seeds are planted - a constant cycle of growth and rebirth.