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Meditation from Thais

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Artists: Grace. J
Material: Dominos and acrylic on wood panel
Size: 11W x 14H

Without the ability to read music a composer uses dice to write scores. In this personalized language the amount of dots rolled on the dice signify different musical notes. Inspired by this novel approach to a familiar toy, Grace J invites viewers to move the dominoes and blocks on their artwork to co-create new combinations.

Inspired by Meditation from Thasis, Grace. J (Fine artist) and Nikki Naghavi (Violinist) collaborated on this interactive piece. The audience is welcome to play with the dominos. As lines and dots are essential to both musical notation and mark-making in visual art, viewers are encouraged to co-create visual interpretations of the music by moving the lines and dots of the wooden pieces. All the pieces in this series have a whimsical and energetic quality, especially in the way the light casts. shadows on the wood.

Meditation from Thais