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Artists: Kim. L
Material: Acrylic, vase & flowers on wood panel
Size: 11W x 14H

What comes into view as we rest from illness? With luck, flowers in a vase brought by a loved one. In Lee K’s artwork botanicals rest against a backdrop of windowpane shadows. Exchanged across occasions as expressions of care, flowers suggest to the recipient both stillness and growth.

Giving someone flowers can express an array of emotions from gratitude to loneliness, but is almost always a gesture of care to the recipient. They are given as a congratulations to musicians or artists after a show, to loved ones on a birthday, or to friends and family during a hospital stay. Cut flowers are ephemeral; in time they will wilt remind us of the briefness of an occassion. In these pieces, the artist has chosen to use real flowers - the act of replenishing the vase can likewise be a meditation on the passing of time.