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Winter Storm

Artists: Jack. S
Material: Acrylic on wood panel
Size: 16W x 20H

Walking with the aid of a crutch presses circles into the ground with each step. Legs swing in a gentle arch, crutches tap the ground on impact – a cyborgian rhythm is made. If crutches frame each footstep with a pair of points, riding on a wheelchair prints a pair of parallel lines onto the ground. These forms of movement and mark-making played on Jaden S’s mind as she created the paintings on view.

The more toned down color palette is the cause of aggressive scraping away at the applied paint. The repetitive blue stamps are dots from the end of crutches fading away to white.

The two prominent blue circles are representative of a safe place or person where the artist can go to rest. Even in the midst of a winter storm, it is important to remember there is always something to appreciate, somewhere to go, or someone to love.

Winter Storm