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Fenway Fan



Q1: Tell us about yourself.

I'm a happy soul currently wandering and capturing every single sparkling moment in this world. My life is my
canvas, my mind are my paints, my body is a brush — I'm creating and living in my own art wonderland. I’m the
founder of IOO STUDIO and a full-time multimedia artist hopping between fine art, entertainment, education and the
toy industry. My clients include Disney, Hasbro, Blizzard, NBC Universal and many more.


Q2: What differentiates you and your work from others? 

They exist since the beginning of this universe and last forever. While most people won‘t see it until I capture it on
my canvas with a unique and vivd artistic style — a mixture of diverse cultures in our current era — I just feel the
magical vibes!


Q3: Describe yourself in 3 words.

• Bright
• Inspiring
• Soulism




ARTWORK #1:  Mural Campaign   |   White Rabbit Skoda




ARTWORK #2:  -   |   -


ARTWORK #3:  My Pretty Hat Series


ARTWORK #4:  Magic In Small World