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Matthew Lau

Instagram: @matthewlaumusic


Q: Tell us about yourself.

As a queer Asian percussionist in a mostly cis-white male community, I challenge the conventional narrative and aim to break down boundaries and stereotypes, through original refreshing commissions and high-caliber performance. With my polyglot approach to interpreting contemporary repertoire, I aim to increase literacy and spread the music of our time to a wider audience. As a classically-trained percussionist with a doctorate in performance, it wasn’t until after I graduate where I embrace my individuality and my own voice, and witnessing my career as a performer & educator took off exponentially. In my spare time, I am an avid yoga practicioner and deep backbends are my jam! I combined my yoga knowledge with my percussion playing to help players finding a more effortless way of practicing and playing their instruments to avoid injuries. I am also a Level 1 Master Knitter.

I endorse Marimba One instruments (USA), Black Swamp Percussion (USA), Rustic Percussion (USA),and Elite mallets (Spain)


Q: What differentiates you and your work from others?

My approach to music is always light-hearted, comical, and whimisical. We as contemporary musicians might be playing some of the most difficult repertoire written, but it is our jobs as good performers in the capacity of good storytellers, to fully convey and interpret the meaning and music to the audience. My polyglot and fun approach makes a positive long-lasting impact in the audience’s memory. They are often left wanting more, feeling inspired, and asking questions.